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Start with silence listen to your soul and creative happenings will begin.............

18" cow hide drum with horse's eye painting From £0.00 inc. VAT


Product Overview

18" cow hide drum with oil painted horse's eye.

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Product Description

18" cow hide drum - oil painted horse's eye:

This is my own drum that I created at a drum birthing workshop with Native Echoes.  It was a very spiritual experience completed with a naming ceremony around an open fire. 

The horse's eye is from my power/totem animal guide and is what I often see when I meditate or journey.  I didn't paint my drum for quite a long time.  This was partly because I wanted to use and get in tune with my drum first and partly because I wasn't completely sure that the drum wanted to have my guide's picture on it!  Native American's believe that each drum has it's own spirit and can communicate with you. 

This was the first ever Native American drum painting I created.